Customer service goes a long way. Here are some simple customer service tips to remember while working at the farmers market.

  • Greet people as they pass your stand.
  • Try to learn the names of your frequent customers. It will encourage customers to come back next week.
  • Place the scale in a place where you do not have to turn your back on the customer
  • You can invite customers to return by saying, “See you next week” or “Hope to see you soon.”
  • Acknowledge waiting customers and tell them you will be with them soon.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone while at the market.
  • Reading, knitting, etc. while selling at the market does not make you look approachable or interested in selling. Be alert and aware of customers.
  • If you have someone that comes every week wanting the same product, reserve one for him/her if the item is about to sell out. This will make their day!