putney fmMarket Products
With about 18 weekly vendors during the spring season, this up-and-coming market draws in crowds ranging from 150 to 500 people and offers a variety of products.  According to market manager, Kristina Israel, produce is definitely the center of this market, as customers can find a range of certified organic items, including edibles as well as ornamental plants.  Currently, rhubarb and turnips seem to be a big hit at the market.

There are also several crafters who regularly attend the market, offering items such as hand-made cutting boards and bowls, hand-dyed wool, local jewelry makers, and various other artists.  There are also a few herbalists offering Chinese medicine, teas, and tinctures, as well a weekly masseuse.

In terms of hot food, traditional authentic meals can be found from all over the world, including Mexican cuisine with home-made queso fresco, Indian dim sum, and Thai food.

Artisan cheeses and breads are popular products, as well as other locally crafted dairy products.  Goat cheese, sheep’s milk, and even gluten-free baked goods are offered weekly.

Recently, through funding offered by NOFA-VT, the market has begun to accept EBT and debit cards, so customers do not have to worry about bringing enough cash.

Market Activities
On June 17th and September 4th, 2011, Putney will hold Youth Markets, which offer kids the opportunity to se up and sell what they have made or growth themselves.  These markets also include special performances and activities for children.

Music is also played weekly by various local musicians, and even puppetry groups, such as Sandglass Theater and the Annies have performed on occasion.  Several vendors also hold demonstrations, including yarn spinning and looming as well as cooking presentations.

Most Unusual Find
When asked about the most unusual find, Kristina Israel noted two items which particularly stand out at the Putney farmers market.  One vendor offers authentic tamales, which are sold at for only $1.50 and they are incredible.  She also spoke of a vendor who sells hand-made mittens, crafted from old sweaters and other knitted materials.  These mittens can even be custom made out of materials which are particularly sentimental to the buyer.

The Putney Farmers market takes place Sundays from 11 to 2 right off of route 5, across from the Putney Co-op.  Please come visit to see the progress we have made, as well as support our local farmers.  It is a great place for people of all ages!  If you would like more information about the market, please visit our website http://putneyfarmersmarket.org/.