• Support the local economy. Buy directly from local farmers, chefs, artisans, and keep and invest money into your community, instead of supporting large-scale agribusiness. When you shop at the farmers market the middle person is eliminated, allowing the farmers and artisans to directly benefit.
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption. Buying food locally, significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels, since fresh fruits and vegetables do not have travel thousands of miles before they reach your plate.
  • Eat seasonally fresh food. When you shop at a local farmers market you will eat vegetables and fruit that were most likely picked that day or the day before. Fresh produce has a higher nutritional value than produce that has been in transport for several days.
  • Safer foods. Fresh vegetables from the farmers market are more likely to be safe. Most bacterial outbreaks originate in large industrial farm settings. If you have any concerns, you can ask the grower at the market.
  • More variety. You can often encounter varieties of your favorite fruits and vegetables that a grocery store will not carry. And you get to try new varieties like Brandywine tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, or Japanese eggplant.
  • Better Taste. Food from your local farmer will be fresher and taste better! When produce travels thousands of miles, it can start to break down and lose flavor. Just compare the quality of produce at the farmers market and the grocery store and you will be convinced!
  • Social atmosphere. You get to visit with friends, socialize, and meet new people.
  • Meet your local farmer and artisan! Meet the people who grow the food you eat and learn how the food is grown. Find new ideas for cooking on a recipe card or by talking to the farmer. Also talk to artisans and discover how their crafts are made.